Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms
Sorbillo is widely considered to be one of the best pizza places in Naples. They now have a location in New York where they make their Neapolitan-style pizza, as well as other Italian favorites. This seasonal appetizer makes it on the menu in the summer months when zucchini blossoms are easily found at New York farmers markets.
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Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms with Tomato Sauce
My grandparents have been growing vegetables on the same land my great-grandfather tilled when he first came to this country from Italy. And as long as I can remember they've grown zucchini and squash on terraces between the concord grapes my great-grandfather planted along them almost a century ago. Anytime I'm visiting them up in Massachusetts and I see a bunch of blossoms growing I try to grab them to bring back with me. Doesn't get much more farm-to-table than stuffing homegrown zucchini blossoms. Conventional practice is to batter the blossoms, but one, that makes them heavier, and two, they're gorgeous, why ya wanna go and hide 'em! So sometimes I skip the battering and just give them a quick sauté in some butter and oil. It's a simple process and a quick, simple tomato sauce adds a nice touch.
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