Top Rated White Gravy Recipes

southern white gravy
White gravy, or cream gravy, is traditionally served in the South with chicken-fried steak, steak fingers and other Southern favorites. Start with leftover pan drippings from whatever meat you’ve prepared. Alternatively, you can also use leftover bacon grease. Your proportions will need be adjusted based on how much meat drippings you start with in your pan, but this simple recipe is a tried-and-true guideline to making this Southern staple.
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Chicken-Fried Steak
Chicken-fried steak is a staple in traditional Texas cooking. It features the lowly round steak, beaten with a mallet to a tender, even consistency, dredged in flour and batter and then fried. This “fried chicken” method is what gives this dish its famous name. Chicken-fried steak is always served with white pepper gravy. 
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