Top Rated White Chili Recipes

This delicious, easy-to-throw-together chicken chili is the perfect marriage, combining the flavors of Chicken Marsala with BUSH'S Best White Chili Beans.
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Bacon Pineapple Chili
Recipe Courtesy of Reluctant Entertainer “Bacon and pineapple pair very well together – we love the combo on pizza, so of course pineapple and bacon would be great in chili! This recipe packs quite a bit of punch, for only a few ingredients, which makes it not only a quick meal to make (have some last-minute guests stopping by?) but it’s so easy, anyone would feel like a master chef after completing this recipe.” 
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Spicy White Chili with Tomatillos
Great Northern beans and hominy (preserved corn kernels) make for a filling and healthy full meal. Recipe courtesy of Bush’s Beans.
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Poblano White Bean Chili
Recipe Courtesy of She Wears Many Hats“When it comes down what to prepare on a chilly day for a crowd, a big pot of chili is hard to beat. It sure does hit the spot! Chili is an easy meal to prepare and perfect for serving a crowd. It can be prepared hours ahead and left to warm and mingle until ready to serve which makes entertaining a cinch.”-Amy
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