Top Rated Water Chestnut Recipes

Easy Vegetarian Dumplings
As a lover of dumplings who is constantly on a diet,  believe me when I tell you this recipe changed my life. I had a total Dr. Frankenstein look-what-I've-created/it's-alive-moment the second I bit into this delicious dumpling. A healthy dumpling I don't have to order or question the contents of? I. Am. Sold. Hopefully, you will be too! You can definitely play with the ingredients to make sure they align with your tastes though I recommend definitely using the slaw mixture, as it soaks up the sauces rather nicely!
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Instead of a pastry crust, try using this popover style crust for your pot pie.Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best 
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Egg Foo Young
What is egg foo young? A Chinese fritatta, basically. Plus, with a big helping of veggies, you get an easy, healthy meal that's a departure from your everyday omelette. Substitute any of the vegetables in this recipe for other favorites, like bean sprouts or steamed bok choy. Make it heartier by chopping up some cooked Chinese sausage, ham, or shrimp to add to the egg foo young mixture. To make a nice, rich egg foo young sauce, I made a simple roux and flavored it with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, although a more traditional version uses broth and cornstarch for a gravy.  Click here to see What Are Heirloom Eggs?
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Pea Salad
Ready for a change in your go-to salad? Try this Australian recipe, and consider making it as part of your next weekday lunch.Originally from the Woolworths website.This recipe is courtesy of PanNan via
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