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In The States or outside of India, Vindaloo is known as tongue-scorching curry. It is also known as a dish cooked with potato because “aloo” means potato in Hindi. But the original recipe was very different. It came to India around the 15th century with Portuguese explorers. Vindaloo is from a Portuguese dish “carne de vinha d’alhos” which means meat marinated in wine and garlic. Later it got adjusted to suit the local conditions by replacing wine with palm vinegar and adding tamarind, black pepper, and several other spices. When the British invaded India, they were delighted to learn about this curry because it was still very close to the original, non-spicy one. But when they took this recipe back to England, they made it a spicy, super hot curry. The taste of vinegar and spices disappeared under the blistering heat of chiles.
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Fish Vindaloo
Vindaloo is typically a Goan dish of meat, usually pork prepared with wine and garlic. These ingredients make up the term "vindaloo," which is a name derived from the Portuguese dish, Carne de Vinha d'Alhos (where carne means meat, vinha means wine, and alhos means garlic). However, this dish was later modified in Mumbai by the substitution of vinegar for the wine and the addition of red Kashmiri chiles. Vindaloo is meant to be a spicy (if not the spiciest) dish that has a tang that vinegar imparts. By the way, did you know that vindaloo is often mistaken to be a dish that has potatoes in it because aloo means potatoes in Hindi? See all curry recipes.
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