Top Rated Veal Chop Recipes

I have so many herbs growing in the garden and when my husband came home with Veal Loin Chops this recipe was created. I combined all of my herbs together and this dish was delicious! This was served with my Sweet Potato Pie I did however take the loin chops out of the package and season them with salt and pepper on both sides then put into a plastic bag and add minced garlic and olive oil. Seal and refrigerate for 3 hours. You can make this a paleo recipe by omitting the parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. For this recipe and other entertaining tips from Cindy's Table, click here.
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This is a lovely, simple, basic method for braising veal chops or steaks. Serve just as is, enriching the braising juices with a little butter, or elaborating with cream and mushrooms or other trimmings, as described in the variations following this recipe. You might arrange the chops on a bed of creamed spainch or on the potatoes simmered in cream and tarragon.
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Roasted Veal Pork Chop
Black trumpet mushrooms are also referred to as Horns of Plenty because of their trumpet or horn-shaped appearance. These mushrooms are particularly delicious and have a buttery flavor and chewy, almost meaty texture. I love to eat them simply sautéed with butter and garlic or, as here, paired with artichokes and cream. Adapted from "Fresh from the Market" by Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March. Click here to see Chefs' Favorite Winter Recipes.
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This brine marinade is used at BLT Steak for the herb-Parmesan crusted veal chop. Simple and easy on hand ingredients make it a no-brainer next time you are preparing your favorite chop.
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Country Cooking of Italy
Fontina — the real thing, which has been made from raw cow’s milk in the alpine reaches of the Valle d’Aosta for eight or nine hundred years — is one of Italy’s great cheeses: aromatic, herbaceous, a little sweet. It also melts extremely well, and is used frequently in cooking, in its home region and beyond. I first encountered this classic preparation one October almost 40 years ago at a little restaurant in the countryside near Saint-Vincent — I’ve long since forgotten its name — where slices of white truffle were added to the filling.
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