Chocolate Mousse Domes
Bouchon Bakery’s pastry chef, Alessandra Altieri, shares her interesting twist on a classic dessert: chocolate mousse. (It should be noted that all measurements are by weight, so any measurements in ounces are weights, not fluid ounces.) Click here to see the How to Make Chocolate Mousse Domes Video.
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Frozen Chocolate Bananas
There is something very satisfying about a recipe that uses only two ingredients. And when one of those ingredients is chocolate, you're sure to have a crowd-pleaser on your hands. Frozen bananas have a great texture and they are an excellent substitute for overprocessed, store-bought popsicles. These do require a bit of forward planning because it's best to use silicone molds, but if you don't want to take it that far, you can always take out a step and just dip halved bananas. The key to this recipe is fun: Melted chocolate is fun, mashing bananas is fun, and eating such a delectable treat on a stick is certainly fun. It doesn't hurt that it's delicious, too. Click here to see Bananas, Bananas Everywhere. Click here to see the How to Make Healthy Frozen Treats at Home
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