11 Cheesecake Recipes You Have To Try

Cheesecakes allegedly originated in ancient Greece, and they certainly have not gone out of style. These days there are so many cheesecake recipes it can be hard to sift through them and actually decide which one to make.

11 Cheesecake Recipes You have To Try (Slideshow)

Creamy, sweet, and tart with buttery, crunchy cookie crusts and available in a wide range of flavors — it's hard to understand how anyone could not like cheesecake. Whether you prefer chocolaty or fruity, crunchy or smooth, you can design a cheesecake to your needs and desires, so there is really no excuse not to do so.

To celebrate this popular dessert, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and asked them to send us their favorite cheesecake recipes.

The recipes flooded in! Here are the ones that stood out to us. From classic flavors like peanut butter chocolate cheesecake and raspberry cheesecake bars, to cheesecake dip and even breakfast cheesecake, these recipes are worth making — and eating.