Top Rated Tongue Recipes

Food fashions fade in and out like pouffy skirts. It’s kind of tricky to know when to bite. The latest seems to be a hot and sweet tongue teasing, and we’re here to reassure you that this trend is for real. Sophisticated hedonists have always known that stoking up contrasts arouses your sensory pleasure…So you don’t feel left out of the latest foodie flavors, we’ll share our own recipe for brownies that’ll have them on their knees, weeping and begging you for more:
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Chambord Royale
This tasty glass of bubbles and raspberry liqueur is courtesy of Chambord.
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contributed by Clay Berkes, Oklahoma City, OK This is a cocktail recipe
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Braised Beef Tongue with Smoked Beets
This recipe might seem like a bit of a project — the pistachio vinaigrette, ideally, should sit for about two nights — but it's well worth the wait and all the work. Smoking the beets lends them an umami component that makes them just a little bit special. See all beef recipes.
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