Top Rated Tiramisu Recipes

Carmine's Tiramisu
This coffee-flavored dessert is a staple in many of the best Italian restaurants across the country. The first documented recipe of tiramisu was in 1980 and it remains a popular menu item to this day. Try making your own with this amazing recipe.  This recipe is courtesy of Chef Glenn Rolnick of Carmine's 
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Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu
This simple tiramisu recipe enables you to enjoy pumpkin spice, coffee, and dessert — all at once.This recipe is courtesy of Food Network.
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Mango Rum Tiramisu
This is the fresh fruity twist to a classic tiramisu. The sweetness of the mango comes together with mascarpone cheese, rum and more to create this delicious dessert the whole family will enjoy.Recipe courtesy of The National Mango Board
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We just can't get over dessert smoothies lately. Why not treat yourself to something insanely sweet when it's this healthy? 
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Tiramisu Cake
In my family, the cooking is left to the ladies in our home kitchen and the baking is left to my father, at our pastry shop. Ergo, when it came time to decide upon a recipe I chose a cake to test my own baking chops, with just a little bit of help. Classic tiramisu is made usually in a sheet pan or a glass casserole dish so the sponge is left to soak. However, in this instance, our rendition is dressed up a bit, in a cake form to make it easier to slice and serve. This version is still rich in espresso essence and holds truth to its Italian handle.
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