Sweet Potato Pie
Include this traditional sweet potato pie on your holiday dessert table. Or serve as a side dish like it’s done in the South. With slightly spicy ground nutmeg, sweet cinnamon and pure vanilla extract, this sweet potato pie enjoys a creamy flavor thanks to evaporated milk and butter.Recipe courtesy of McCormick
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Pumpkin Bacon Pie
Try adding candied bacon to sweet potato pie. It seems like a strange combination but once you try this you'll never doubt this wonderful combination in a pie!
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Sweet potato pie recipe
Thanksgiving is almost here! Do you know what that means? Sweet potato pie! It’s been a staple at every Hutcherson family Turkey Day dinner for as long as I can remember. My dad usually is tasked with making the pies for dinner and growing up I always would be there right alongside him, elbows-deep in pie filling. It is very much a part of my Thanksgiving tradition. In addition to getting to spend some time with my dad, I also was lucky enough to learn the recipe – if you can really call it that – by heart. For this dish and more, check out our roundup of every recipe you'll need to get through the holidays.
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