Spend Your Halloween with HobNob Wine, Candy, and Scary Movies

These three things are all you need for the perfect Halloween

HobNob Wines gave us an amazing infographic that matches their wines with Halloween movies and candy.

When it comes to Halloween all you need is candy and scary movies. This year HobNob Wine is giving you an added bonus by matching your favorite scary movies and candy with one of their wines.

They have given you three wine options: Wicked Red Blend which is available with a limited edition bottle with a sugar skull for Halloween, their chardonnay, and pinot noir. Read on to find out the perfect wine, candy, and scary movie combinations.

HobNob’s Halloween Infographic:


HobNob’s chardonnay works perfectly with the Scream movie (1998) and candy corn.

The movie: Much like HobNob’s chardonnay, Scream’s antagonist Billy Loomis is known to be fresh, relaxed, and a bit complex. The boyfriend of Sydney Prescott is first thought to be the “ghost face” murderer who has gone on a killing spree in the town of Woodsboro. Once arrested by the police, Billy’s calm and collected demeanor aids in his release. But Billy is indeed the killer, plotting revenge because of an affair Sydney’s mother had with Billy’s father long ago. Similar to the complex aromas of the wine, the unexpected twists and turns of the thriller Scream will have you wanting more.

The candy: The crisp white wine with honey aromas pairs perfectly with the sweetness of candy corn or a fruity candy, such as gummy worms.

Pinot Noir

The pinot noir goes well with Snickers and American Psycho (2000).

The movie: As elegant and smooth as HobNob’s pinot noir, main character Patrick Bateman is a wealthy investment banker living in Manhattan. His life revolves around dining at trendy restaurants, while keeping up appearances for his fiancée and circle of wealthy and shallow associates. We believe him to be a polished individual, but we find out Patrick’s soft, insecure, and vengeful personality causes him to snap at a moment’s notice, murdering anyone in his way.

The candy (Snickers): Peanuts and chocolate meld well with this wine, with the saltiness of the nuts bringing out rich flavors from the pinot.

Wicked Red Blend

The wicked red blend goes perfectly with M&M’s and Halloween(1979).

The movie: Perhaps one of the most dangerous villains in horror movie history, Halloween’s main character Michael Myers resonates with HobNob’s Wicked Red Blend in more ways than one. Having murdered his older sister at the age of six, Michael is proven to be a wicked individual and is described by his therapist as “purely evil.” After being locked up in a sanitarium for fifteen years, Michael escapes to finish what he started by going after the remainder of his family. The blend in this wine matches Michael’s many personalities and is a perfect complement to his wicked ways.

The candy (M&M): Notes of hazelnut and mocha pair perfectly with the chocolate bite-sized Halloween favorite.

Infographic provided by HobNob wines.