Top Rated Soppressata Recipes

Pasta Con ‘Nduja
This delicious pasta recipes highlights some of the best ingredients from Calabria- from the olive oil and spicy 'nduja to the wonderful fusili di calabria! It's simple and totally delicious.This recipe is courtesy of Chef Rocco Iann- Executive Chef at Le Saie restaurant in Bagnara Calabra (province of Reggio di Calabria) 
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Italian Ham Naan Panini
Staying true to authentic baking methods, these flatbreads are made with the finest ingredients using traditional baking methods. Stonefire recipes showcase the versatility of our flatbreads. In 15 minutes you can create a delicious, easy meal for you and your family!
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Insalata di Italia
Not to be a bit boasty or anything, but when cooking, there are a whole lot of fantastic Italian ingredients. Rich cheeses, salty, cured meats, oily olives — are you salivating yet? — are ideal and will always make a great spread as a starter or a dream base for a killer recipe.  Such is the story of this pasta salad — a food lover's dream. Try not to eat more than one dish, let's see how you do.  See all salad recipes. Click here to see Pasta Salad, Please.
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Italian for eardrum, a timpano is a traditional baked pasta dish that consists of a filling made from sausage, cheeses, and vegetables. Varations of the classic dish abound, but no matter what, it makes a great dish to serve to a crowd. 
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