Smoked Ribs
Making ribs is practically a religion in America. You can find lots of books, special equipment and advice about what makes a recipe Memphis style or Texas style or Carolina style is cause for bloody debates. But, as for me, I don't want to buy special equipment like smokers or rib racks, I just want to make some tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs every once in a while. Something easy and delicious and fun.Over the past 18 years I've discovered that making great ribs is more about technique than about ingredients. Of course quality matters but whether you like your rub sweet or more spicy or your BBQ sauce, or "mop," with an acidic tang or mellow and smokey, the technique is pretty much the same. There are 3 steps: 1 - Rub/marinate. 2 - Par-roast, meaning partially cooking the ribs so that they don't need to spend all day in your grill. 3 - Smoking and finishing.What I've landed on here is the simplest way to make smoked ribs in your every day drum/pot style backyard charcoal grill.
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