Beef Stroganoff
This is a delightful early spring dish I like to serve outdoors on a Sunday afternoon; it’s perfect for dining al fresco and picnicking just as the weather is beginning to warm up. 
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Like the brocoli à la polonaise, this could well be a first course or served in place of the salad, or it could accompany poached or scrambled eggs, plain broiled chicken or fish, or pork or veal chops. In this recipe you may blanch the broccoli in advance, and sauté it just before serving. 
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This is a lovely, simple, basic method for braising veal chops or steaks. Serve just as is, enriching the braising juices with a little butter, or elaborating with cream and mushrooms or other trimmings, as described in the variations following this recipe. You might arrange the chops on a bed of creamed spainch or on the potatoes simmered in cream and tarragon.
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Queen of Puddings
If this retro English dessert is fit for a queen, it’s fit for the most important people in your life too.This recipe is courtesy of Jamie Oliver.
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