Top Rated Shrimp Roll Recipes

An accessible 'play' on the classic lobster roll, shrimp rolls are a delicious summer time treat perfect for long weekends at the lake or beach. This no-fuss recipe allows the flavors of the tender and sweet shrimp to shine through — without breaking the pocketbook. Click here to see 10 Classic Summer Sandwich Recipes. Click here for the 10 Seafood Recipes You Can Make in Less Than 15 Minutes 
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In 1997 when Pearl opened, you could only get lobster rolls in East Coast beach towns. Often they weren’t very good. So, I used the best ingredients to get the best product: steaming our lobsters every morning; using the whole lobster in the salad not just claws and knuckles; Hellmann’s mayonnaise (too expensive for the average lobster shack); and the now legendary Pepperidge Farm bun. No one used a Pepperidge Farm bun then. I had to arrange special deliveries, just to get them. You will hear way too much smack talk on what makes the best lobster roll: claw versus tail meat, hot versus cold, lobster salad with mayo mixed in or just swiped on the bun. You should make what YOU like. I did! Click here to read how to Make the Ultimate Lobster Roll
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