Top Rated Sea Bass Recipes

Chermoula Fish Stew with Moroccan Flavors Recipe
For a cold winter night, warm yourself up with this delicious stew. Packed with Moroccan spices and flavoring, this fish stew is perfect to eat for lunch or dinner with the family.This recipe is by Robin Mather and was originally published in the Chicago Tribune.
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Here is a traditional Greek fish entrée I serve at my restaurant Molyvos, located in New York City. I use local black sea bass, but feel free to use wild striped bass or any other flaky white fish. It’s a delicious dish that makes a little fish go a long way. This dish is best made with Greek wines. To learn more about Greek wines, head over to "Celebrate Greek Wines." See all fish recipes.
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Fried Salt Cod with “Vigliacca” Sauce
A spicy tomato sauce perfectly complements fried salt cod. Salt cod is dried fish, preserved using salt. It’s an acquired taste so if you like a more mellow fish, try substituting with Chilean sea bass. Recipe courtesy of Chef Alessandro Gargani.
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Grilled Whole Fish
Grilling whole fish is a quick and easy way to get crispy skin on the outside and a flaky interior. A locking grill basket is a great way to make sure the fish stays intact and comes out perfect every time.This recipe is courtesy of Home Depot.
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Hearts of Winter Vegetables
A stunning dish created by Chef Kerry Heffernan of New York's South Gate Restaurant exclusively for The Daily Meal. Tender, flavorful fish topped with a creamy and citrusy butter is a decadent meal to prepare for a special occasion, especially when served alongside vibrant winter vegetables. 
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If you're looking for a fish to grill, try the Chilean sea bass. It's firm flesh makes it an optimal choice. Serve along side this mango salsa for added spice and flavor.
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