Top Rated Salade Lyonnaise Recipes

Salade Lyonnaise
My favorite salad dressing is the yolk from a perfectly poached egg, especially if the greens are on the bitter side.  Salade Lyonnaise is traditionally made with a light-green lettuce known as curly endive or chicory (frisée in France) with a strong crunch and stronger bite. Mellow its sharpness by cutting it with mixed greens for a well-rounded salad perfect for any meal of the day. Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Everyday Eggs.
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Chef Daniel Boulud calls this dish his "fantasy of a bouchon appetizer, a wink to the taste of the rich gateaux de fois blonds." He recommends "the chicken livers marinate overnight in milk to mellow their bitterness, and do not cook them too long, so they stay pink and tender." 
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