Top Rated Roasted Fennel Recipes

farro salad
Try this salad recipe — it combines farro with roasted fennel and radicchio, and gets finished with red wine vinaigrette.This recipe pairs perfectly with Sokol Blosser Winery’s 2014 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris.
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Grilled Mahimahi Recipe
Try this easy and healthy side dish as an accompaniment to a chicken, pasta, or fish dish. If you’ve never had roasted fennel before, it’s a must try.
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Roasted Fennel with Orange Glaze
Fennel, with its seductive flavor, fills the kitchen with an unmistakable aroma of licorice as it roasts until brown at the edges in this easy and honest side dish. Orange and fennel has always been a natural pairing, and a little marmalade sweetens things up nicely.
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Offal is a much under-appreciated meat, but with the right sauce and the right technique, it can be delicious. Here, chef Matt Tropeano of La Silhouette pan-fries veal sweetbread and serves it with a tangy, fruity Meyer lemon sauce and oversized ravioli made from fresh pasta dough and stuffed with roasted fennel and garlic.
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