Radicchio Salad
An easy, crunchy, and healthy salad from Elana's Pantry that works as an appetizer or main dish. Click here to see Gluten-Free Recipes That Actually Taste Good.
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Grilled Radicchio Salad
Because radicchio is naturally bitter, grilling it transforms it into something smoky, tender, and slightly sweet. The sweetness of the balsamic and the pungency of the gorgonzola add complexity to this Mediterranean salad. Pairs well with pinot grigio.  Adapted from "The Winemaker Cooks" by Christine Hanna.
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Fuyu Persimmons
Although persimmons are best known for their contribution to desserts, one of my favorite ways to eat them is in salads. Their exotic flavor and delicate sweetness balance out the bitter greens marvelously. Add to that the cayenne-spiked lime vinaigrette and every bite of this salad is refreshing and tantalizing — a pure delight for the taste buds.
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