Top Rated Quince Recipes

Dress up roasted Brussels sprouts with savory spices, sweet apple and golden-yellow quince, a pear-like seasonal fruit often turned into jams and fruit pastes.This recipe by JeanMarie Brownson appeared in the Chicago Tribune.
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Peach Gazoz recipe - sparkling, fermented, nonalcoholic drink
Gazoz refers to a mixture of seltzer, fruit and sweet syrup, variations of which can be found in Israel and Turkey. But at Tel Aviv's Cafe Levinsky, Benny Briga has taken turned gazoz into an art form with carefully fermented syrups, fresh herbs and spices, and gorgeous results. This recipe, from the "Gazoz" cookbook, has a few steps and takes a bit of time to prepare, but the end result is well worth it. Allow a week for the fermented spices and a few days for the fermented fruit in syrup. But once you've made those, they can be stored so you'll always have a gazoz at your fingertips."The fruit is the star of the show and should be treated as such, especially because once you’re done drinking your gazoz, you will most likely lift the juicy slices of fruit out of the glass and eat them... Adding the flavor of spices and chiles to beverages opens up new worlds of flavor... Spices and chiles contain essential oils that dissipate over time, so the fresher the spices, the fresher the oils. When combined with simple syrup, their flavors meld to create the optimal finished product." — Excerpted from "Gazoz" by Benny Briga and Adeena Sussman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2021. Photographs by Dan Perez.
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Pork belly is an extremely fatty cut of meat. Cooking the belly slowly allows the fat to render down; this rendered fat then helps to baste the meat.Turning up the oven towards the latter stages of cooking results in a crisp skin, not dissimilar to that of cracklings, or skin, on a pork roast.While Wade Murphy, executive head chef at The Lodge at Doonbeg in County Clare, Ireland, likes to serve this roasted pork with caramelized quince, you could also serve the pork with baby potatoes, roasted with lots of butter and parsley, and Savoy cabbage, sliced thinly and sautéed with spring onions and small pieces of diced apple.
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