Top Rated Prosciutto Recipes

Brussels sprouts cry out for bacon, at least in my kitchen, says The Daily Meal's editorial director, Colman Andrews. But, he adds, fried prosciutto is even better, because it's leaner and fries up much faster.
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Pizza-Style Focaccia from Morandi
This recipe comes to us from NYC Italian spot Morandi, known for their old-world authentic cuisine. The focaccia is a nice, light appetizer and you can play around with different toppings and cheeses. Use store-bought pizza dough or make your own!
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Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Prosciutto
Everyone is always looking for the perfect brunch recipe that make you look fancy without actually requiring much work. This recipe for baked eggs certainly falls into that category, since it's mostly about stacking ingredients on top of one another and then letting them bake. So save yourself the hassle and make this recipe the next time you're looking to impress. Click here to see Swiss Chard: Not Just for Sides.
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A great sandwich has a fine balance between salty and sweet. In this sandwich, by pickling the figs you're adding a bit of both sensations. The whole package is rounded out by a meat no one can argue with — proscuitto — and ricotta cheese for a subtle addition of texture and flavor. Picked figs can be kept for any rainy day, but they make an excellent addition to a sandwich like this. See all prosciutto recipes. Click here to see 8 Fantastic Fig Recipes.
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