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Posole Verde
For those from the Southwest and Texas, posole needs no introduction. It's a long-simmered, heart-warming, traditional pre-Columbian soup from Mexico that's traditionally made with pig's head, nixtamalized cacahuazintle corn, chile peppers, and meat — usually pork. Filling, flavorful, hearty — posole would seem to be a soup that should be more renowned. But the cooking time associated with traditional posole recipes often deters home cooks; between preparing hominy and boiling the pig's head, many are inclined to put off making the soup. Which is why not so long ago, it was interesting to note one attempt to bottle the soup. Featured Interview: Sharon Ely, founder of Holy Posole It's also why this homemade, largely healthy, set-it-and-forget-it recipe for posole verde with chicken is a godsend. Light, flavorful, bright and colorful, it's a delicious bowl of soup to brace against the elements with. Just don't forget the accoutrements. They're the difference between a good bowl of soup, and a great one.
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Posole is a Mexican stew made with pork and hominy in a rich, flavorful broth. A pressure cooker cooks the pork quickly, intensifies its flavor, and makes it meltingly tender. However, you can just as easily simmer it away in a heavy pot for a few hours if you prefer. Everyone can enjoy customizing their bowls with the assortment of accompaniments. — Curtis Stone, Good Food, Good Life.
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