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Olive Oil Poached Salmon
Poaching fish is a great, easy way to cook the protein while ensuring that it retains all its moisture. And poaching something in olive oil takes that to the next level. You'll want to use a tasty extra-virgin olive oil for this because the fish will absorb a lot of the oil's flavor during the cooking process. I went with simple flavors (lemon, garlic, chile, oregano) to let the olive oil and fish shine, but it would be easy to sub in any additional herbs and spices (think rosemary or other citrus) you like. Click here to see Why You Should Cook with Olive Oil.
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If I do say so myself, this recipe is damn good. It was so good, in fact, that the second it was ready, we inhaled the entire thing, putting our forks down only onto empty (nearly licked) dishes, and then realized we’d forgotten to take pictures (hence the lovely stock photo you see). But trust me, the delicately pink poached salmon looks beautiful atop white rice dotted with Parmesan and bright red cherry tomatoes. It’s light, but has tons of flavor; it’s buttery, but doesn’t feel fatty; and it’s not that difficult to make. There are two main parts to think about: the rice, which can be all but left alone, and the salmon poaching which takes a bit more hand holding. I took my poaching cues from the one and only Eric Ripert, making them my own with white wine instead of vermouth and leaving out other steps and ingredients. But still, why not learn from the best? Just be prepared that whomever you make this for will request it the next night, and the next night…  Click here to see The New and Improved Farm-Raised Salmon story.
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Poached salmon mustard dill sauce
Time is a luxury today. That's why many of my friends enjoy midday entertaining on the weekends. Whether the venue is brunch or lunch, simple or elaborate, Saturday or Sunday, city or country, the occasion is always festive because the rhythm is relaxed. There's time to enjoy the food, conversation and good times. Consider this refreshing, colorful menu for a spring lunch or noon brunch; the preparation is easy, much of it made ahead. 
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