Top Rated Pineapple Mango Salsa Recipes

Apricot Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps
After working outside in 85-plus degree weather all day, and coming into this awesome and healthy meal, you'll be in heaven. This meal is slightly spicy, citrusy, delicious, and refreshing! Best of all, it's not too bad for you!I threw this dinner together while my 2-year-old ate her lunch and stuck it on high. It looks so pretty in the slow cooker (I know, I'm weird!). It was ready five hours later! This is definitely something I would make over and over again and even for company.One small warning — they are very juicy and you will need plenty of napkins as you're eating them. My husband ate his on tortillas instead of lettuce and it was less of a mess. You can stick to the healthy version with the lettuce, or use the tortilla like he did!Onto the good stuff...See all wrap recipes.
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Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa
Grilling pineapple gives the fruit a lovely hint of smoke, while lime balances the sweet with sour citrus and jalapeño packs a spicy punch. Serve this summertime salsa atop your favorite bean burgers, salads, and tacos. This recipe came to us from Donna of Fab Frugal Food.
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