Top Rated Phỏ Recipes

Duck Pho
Traditionally made with beef, this Vietnamese Pho dish greatly benefits from the meatiness of duck, in combination with the classic Pho spices and garnishes. Although the recipe calls for the addition of foie gras, it is an optional indulgence. - Valaer MurrayFrom Chef Anita Lo of Annisa
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Beef Noodle Soup
A true Vietnamese classic! Phở is a well-balanced meal with plenty of broth to ward off dehydration in the hot, humid summer months, and to warm body and soul in the cool and drizzly winters. Hanoians like to slurp the noodles first so they don’t become soft and mushy from sitting in the broth too long. — Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl, authors of Made in Vietnam
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A simple soup cannot only take you through a cold winter but right into spring with it’s fresh ingredients. It is a simple quick fix that my whole family loves especially when made with easy House Foods Shirataki Noodles. It can be made with chicken and fish sauce or those can be omitted and it is vegetarian or vegan, just check your individual products to make sure. This can be gluten free also if you make sure the hoisin sauce is also gluten free or omit it. This recipe is courtesy of Noshing with the Nolands.
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Pho and Champagne in Bed
When people ask me what my dream date is, I politely reply, "Champagne and pho... in bed!" Whether you're snuggled up with your sweetie, on your own in comfy pajamas, or with some girlfriends, this recipe is a mega-hit (sure, even at the good old dinner table). Enjoy one of my all-time favorites! To save time, use premade chicken stock and a cooked rotisserie chicken. Pair with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. See all noodle recipes. Click here to see Getting Sexy in the Kitchen, 1 Day at a Time.
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I put "à la Pho" as a disclaimer because I only used the spices I had available in my pantry. Also, I don't like putting mint and other vegetables in my pho, so this is just my take on the Vietnamese dish. Nevertheless, the long hours of simmering lent a comforting feeling, topped with turkey it certainly hits the spot like an authentic bowl of pho would.
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