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Jicama Salad with Mint Crema
When we inspected the plot where we would build the restaurant, we found a twenty-foot-long jicama vine growing wild. It was insane. The vine was so large it was taking over entire trees.Jicama is starchy and crisp and completely refreshing. Imagine crossing a potato, an apple, and a cucumber without the seeds. Jicama is almost entirely water by weight, so when you shop for it, look for the firmest and heaviest. You want the skin to be tight, not wrinkled.We garnish this salad with Prickly Pear Preserves, but you could use a handful of ripe watermelon cubes instead. And, yes, the mint crema recipe makes double what you’ll need, but we promise you’ll want to make this salad again.Excerpted from Hartwood by Eric Werner and Mya Henry with Christine Mulke and Oliver Strand (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015.
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