Top Rated Paratha Recipes

Layered Paratha
This layered Indian flatbread is delicious and so easy to make that you’ll find yourself going back to this recipe over and over again. It has a rich flavor thanks to the ghee (a type of clarified butter that is popular in Indian cuisine). Once you learn to make this pan-fried bread, take it to the next level by serving it with your favorite chutney.Recipe reprinted with permission from India: The Cookbook (c) Pushpesh Pant, courtesy of Phaidon.
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Deliciousness all the way, right down to the last morsel of mutton..and that final spoonful of gravy stuck to the bottom of the bowl. I would lick it all .. if I was a bowl licking kind of girl!Its slow cooked for a long time..almost 2 hrs till the mutton is fragrant, tender and succulent (not pressure cooked), intensely flavorful and tangy from the garlic.  PS: Did I mention everything good begins by chopping up some good ol' garlic?Its easy and brilliant at the sametime. A must make when you need to wow guests or simply start a Sunday tradition of your own.
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