New Orleans-Style Blackened Chicken Wings
After picking up a blackened seasoning mix from New Orleans, we decided to throw it on a batch of wings to see how it would turn out — the skin was crisp, flavorful and absolutely delicious. Alternatively, you could make a spice mixture of your own, or use a pre-made cajun seasoning mix for this recipe. Click here to see The Ultimate Wing Party story.
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Emeril’s New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp With Traditional Southern Biscuits
This dish takes shrimp and grits to a whole new level. With an amazingly rich barbecue base that is buttery and delicious, these shrimp are still one of the most popular dishes at Emeril's and they will never leave the menu.
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The Peacemaker Sandwich
Food in New Orleans causes lots of arguments. Like when you are in line at the neighborhood po'boy shop and arguing whether to go with the fried oyster loaf or the fried shrimp. This argument is internal, and results in a series of interior negotiations and deliberations until compromise is reached: half oyster, half shrimp. One sandwich, both cravings assuaged. That’s why this is called The Peacemaker — it helps you make peace with yourself. Use medium-sized oysters and large shrimp for the best result. The key here is to make sure the crispy coating on the shrimp and oysters is neither coarse nor mealy. Corn flour does the trick beautifully. Finally, I like to use Crystal hot sauce, but as this sandwich is called The Peacemaker, I’d rather not argue. Use any hot sauce you’d like. Click here to see the Celebrate Mardi Gras at Home story.
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