The Most Pinned Halloween Pizzas Ever

Here are the top eight pinned Halloween pizzas

The Most Pinned Halloween Pizzas Ever

Pinterest has amazing recipes for every holiday and this year we found the most pinned Halloween pizzas on the platform. We’re sharing the top eight recipes. Pinterest has every Halloween pizza you could think of, pizzas in the shape of mummies, ghosts, pumpkins, disembodied fingers…

# 8 Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies Recipe

This recipe calls for puff pastry instead of conventional pizza crust. Cut your puff pastry into circles, then add your favorite veggies and sauce. Top with strips of puff pastry so the pizzas look like mummies when they come out of the oven.

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# 7 Mini Pizza Pumpkins

This pizza may not be scary, but it sure is festive. For your Halloween party make pizzas that resemble pumpkins. To do so, cut your pizza dough into mini circles, add pepperoni, top with Cheddar cheese, and make a smiley face out of chopped black olives.

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#6 Graveyard Veggie Pizza

For this Graveyard Veggie Pizza, make pizza as you normally would. Instead of forming the dough into a circle, shape it into a square, then add in your favorite toppings. When the pizza comes out of the oven, to make the tombstone crackers. Mix together sour cream and cream cheese until fluffy. Place the mixture in a piping bag and pipe the letters “RIP” onto the crackers. Insert a few upright in the pizza and you’ll have an awesome Graveyard Veggie Pizza.

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#5 Mummy Calzones

Make these mummy calzones with your favorite pizza toppings: cheese and pepperoni, ham and pineapple, or mushrooms and mozzarella. To make the pizza dough look like a mummy, you would need to cut half the pizza dough into strips and leave the other half intact. Add the filling and place the strips of pizza dough on top. Use halved olives for the eyes to complete your spooky calzone.

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#4 Pizza Fingers

To make pizza fingers, bake a cheese pizza as you normally would and after it comes out of the oven cut it into strips. Cut red bell peppers into triangles and attach them to the ends of your pizza sticks so they resemble fingers with painted nails.

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#3 Mini Spider Pizzas

Throw some edible spiders on your pizza for a good scare. Make mini pizzas with cheese and marinara sauce and add olive spiders to them. To make the spiders, cut an olive in half for the body and head and slice another olive into eight pieces to make the legs. Attach them while the pizza is still hot so you won’t have to use “glue” to keep them together.

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#2 Open Face Mummy Melt

You can use King’s Hawaiian bread to make pizza. Top your bread with marinara sauce and peperoni, and assemble the cheese in a zig zag pattern to look like a mummy. Use chopped olives as the eyes.

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#1 Boo-licious Pizza

This is the easiest pizza recipe of them all. To make this one, shape the pizza dough into a ghost form, adding sauce and cheese, and making the face out of tomatoes. Use tomato slices for the eyes and mouth.

Pins: 8,568

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