Top Rated Meringue Cookie Recipes

I have to tell you that I have never had much of a”thing” for meringues.  Light and airy, with not much too them, why not go for a richer cookie if I were going to the sweet treat route.  Well, this past holiday, my taste-buds shed a new light on my.  I tried my mother in laws traditional meringues and was not only enjoying them, but REALLY enjoying them!  This cloud like cookie turned into something way more appealing, and after 3 or 4 my sweet tooth was totally satisfied. Lo and behold, I had a whole new respect for Meringues!  I decided to take a whirl at my own, adding 2 kinds of chocolate to give it some pizazz and let me tell you how much fun I had watching the egg whites rise and peak.  This will definitely not be a holiday recipe in my house…it’s way too good!
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