Top Rated Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables Recipes

Striped Bass
True, I have yet to try Cara’s marinated grilled eggplant. But until she makes me a portion, instead of just inundating my inbox with oh-so appetizing pictures, I will remain a believer that roasting is the best way to create the perfect mouthful of eggplant. More so, baking the vegetables at a very high heat in the oven can transform a soggy, dull piece of artichoke into a fresh, crispy marvel. I toss them piping hot with a simple salsa verde — chives, parsley, anchovy paste, lemon juice, and capers — and pile them high over a simple fillet of bass. You can use any leftover herbs for the salsa, and any sturdy fish as the centerpiece. But what really makes these simple Mediterranean flavors come together is the anchovy paste which, without a friend’s inspiration, I would have not dared add to my shopping bag. — Phoebe
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