This meatloaf recipe is so flavorful and easy. The sweet and salty glaze makes it deliciously tender. This recipe utilizes the “Pressure Cook” function in the Instant Pot but it's also possible to use another multi-cooker that has the pressure cook function.
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Nearly every cook has his or her very own meat loaf recipe. Mine has a lot of “traditional’’ meat loaf touches. It’s very rich, thanks to all that cheese, and, like any meat loaf worth its ground beef, it does well hot, cold, or in between. The texture is unusually supple, fluffy, and tender, especially if you don’t manhandle the meat mix before baking it. For a smokier and spicier loaf, finely chop and add 2 to 3 minced, canned chipotle peppers in adobo to the meat mixture. Start this a good two hours before serving. Don’t let this loaf ooze too little or too much, and do use a meat thermometer.
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