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Beef Machaca
Beef machaca is the shredded Mexican beef you find filling the most delicious tacos and burritos (and I'm not talking about the filling found in those fast-food Mexican food places). Nope, this is the real-deal shredded Mexican beef that fills those Mexican favorites found at real taquerias. This machaca recipe has lots of different flavors. There really isn't any one that stands out; they all blend really well together and it's super simple to make. You just need to plan a little ahead, because the meat needs to rest overnight with a rub on it before you can start the braising. Once you've made your beef machaca, you're ready to fill the burritos and tacos for your Cinco de Mayo party. But what might be even better is making up a plate of this beef machaca with a fried egg on top for your Cinco de Mayo hangover cure the next morning.
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