Top Rated Lasagna Recipes

Easy Spinach Lasagna
This hearty lasagna is a great addition to a buffet or potluck for those guests following a meatless diet.Recipe courtesy of McCormick
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Pumpkin Kale Lasagna
Pumpkin, ricotta, mushrooms, and kale combine to create the ultimate autumn and winter comfort food. Recipe courtesy of Jason Goldstein, Chop Happy
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Easy Homemade Lasagna
Try this easy homemade lasagna recipe—it's practically perfect in every way.Recipe courtesy of Karrie Truman, Happy Money Saver.
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Pumpkin Lasagna
For Thanksgiving, Chef Todd English loves to prepare ‘common’ vegetables in an ‘uncommon’ way: shredding Brussels sprouts into coleslaw with mayonnaise, lemon and sometimes chopped truffles, or making pumpkin lasagna, a dish that he prepared at the New York Culinary Experience in early October. The presentation of this delicious and decadently-creamy dish will make your Thanksgiving dinner anything but ordinary. - Yasmin Fahr For more cooking ideas, check out some of our top lasagna recipes.
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pumpkin lasagna
Lasagna is a family dinner staple, so why not add a healthy twist? This recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, and uses fresh organic spices to deliver a kid-pleasing taste. Making healthy alternatives for your favorite dishes will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also make you feel fuller longer. 
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Lasagna has a reputation of being very high maintenance, but a multi-cooker makes it super-easy to make for anyone who is a big fan of this dish. We designed this recipe for the Instant Pot, but other brands of multi-cooker can be used instead. You don’t even have to boil the noodles first!11 Things You Didn't Know About Your Slow-Cooker
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From the author of Robicelli's: A Love Story with Cupcakes. "Nothing says Christmas to me quite like lasagna. I know it doesn't sound super traditional to most people, but for Italians from Brooklyn, every meal starts with pasta, and every major holiday starts with one that normally too much of a pain in the butt to make every Sunday. For us, lasagna started two days ahead when my grandmother would start the gravy — a tomato sauce full of pork shoulder, braciole, sausage, and meatballs that simmers for a minimum of eight hours.  The next day, the lasagna would be assembled, baked, and then chilled, as with lasagna a 24-hour rest period is essential so the flavors and textures meld. Then finally, the day of, we'd finish cooking in a hot oven, preferably burning the corners just enough to my liking. No one would ever eat the ham, or turkey, or whatever — we were always too full from the lasagna."
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101-Layer Lasagna
For those who haven’t eaten it, Del Posto's 100-layer lasagna was introduced to the restaurant in 2010 as part of a very fancy, very expensive meal at the restaurant. Unable to afford such a meal, but having had the lasagna as part of the $35 prix fixe where they serve leftovers of it the next day, I was inspired to come up with a "practical" (in as much as a four-hour recipe is practical) recipe for the home cook that subs in 7 1/3-by-7 1/3-inch Nasoya wrappers for the pasta, and makes the restaurant’s need for using skewers to hold things in place unnecessary. If you want to make the pasta  from scratch, check out the recipe on The Chew (he featured it there as part of their 10th episode celebration), but note that they're missing a meat ingredient from their recipe). If you want to get extra fancy, you can add a bit of pancetta for flavor to the ragù. It’s a nice touch, but not necessary. Why 101 layers and not 100? Well, Del Posto has been one of restaurants on The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants in America, and the number has become de facto the site's official mascot.  To create this monster (though a delicate one), all you need is one of those aluminum roasting pans that you can bend to the shape of the wrappers, a pastry brush for applying the béchamel, three hours to spare, and determination and patience. The result is pretty impressive, but definitely improved by allowing everything to set and meld overnight, and slicing it thin and reheating it either on the flattop or crisped up in the oven. Oh, and make sure you have plenty of wine, and a piece of paper next to you with, "Ragù, Pasta, and Béchamel" written out in the order that they’re supposed to be layered so you can put check marks next to each one or you’re a goner — you'll never keep track otherwise. Buona fortuna! Click here to see 6 Irresistible Lasagna Recipes.
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Easy Vegetable Lasagna
Since I was a little kid, one of my favorite dishes to eat has been my mom's vegetarian lasagna. It's a rich and hearty dish, filled with oozing cheese, sweet carrots, and earthy mushrooms. My parents live in Northern California, and my dad is an avid "mushroom hunter," as he calls it. Several times a year, he comes back to the house after a hike with a backpack filled with freshly harvested chanterelles. These delectable mushrooms are put to good use in my house — in our Thanksgiving stuffing, on pizzas, and in my favorite lasagna.  For this version (made in my apartment in New York City and far away from the mushroom-filled hills of Marin County), I replaced the pricey chanterelles with easy-to-find cremini mushrooms, but if you are so lucky as to have some of those golden-orange mushrooms around, they add a wonderful flavor to the dish. Without them, though, the lasagna is still delicious — packed so full with creamy cheeses and hearty vegetables that you won't miss meat at all. Serve alongside a simple green salad or a crusty piece of bread for a homey, satisfying meal. Although the directions look long, this really is a simple dish to make — it just requires a little time in the kitchen. Click here to see 10 Great Dishes to Make with Frozen Vegetables
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If you’re skeptical about cooking lasagna in a slow cooker, have no fear — it’s as easy as layering the ingredients and walking away. This recipe will have your lasagna pan gathering dust. The Italian purist in me was happy to find that traditional lasagna noodles bake up beautifully without boiling them first, and my boys were delighted to eat this for dinner and again as tasty leftovers.
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This is a wonderful and warming fall recipe that is filled with buttercup squash and cheese.
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Cheesy Lasagna Cupcakes with Shrimp
Do I really have to explain this? These are individual lasagna cupcakes, for crying out loud! They taste great and they're adorable. I decided to make these as a twist on shrimp mac and cheese! Hope you enjoy! Click here to see 6 Irresistible Lasagna Recipes.
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