Top Rated Jackfruit Recipes

shredded jackfruit tacos
Recipe Courtesy of Andrea Nordby, Head Chef at Purple CarrotIf you’re not familiar with jackfruit it’s time you meet this wonderfully flavorful vegetarian protein. These enormous fruits are intimidating, but canned versions are available and easy to use. When shredded, it mimics the stringy and succulent texture of pulled pork.
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Chili Lime Black Bean and Quinoa Salad
Upton’s Naturals is the first company to make pre-seasoned, heat-and-serve, natural jackfruit nationally available to the U.S. market. Using only simple, recognizable ingredients, Upton’s Naturals’ jackfruit offers a good source of fiber, is completely free of cholesterol, gluten, soy, oil, GMOs, and artificial flavors, and 100 percent vegan.
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jackfruit tacos
Recipe was provided by Daiya Foods and inspired by Vegan Richa.These tacos are perfect for a vegan taco dinner for the family. Double the recipe to host your very own #TacoTuesday for a crowd!
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