How Have You Not Made This Dessert Yet?

Pumpkin-flavored desserts are delicious, but there are so many other desserts to try…


A delicious apple compote made with apples and fig.

The pumpkin saga continues… or does it? Pumpkin-flavored desserts are delicious, but sometimes it’s nice to step out of the box and try something new and interesting. Put down the pumpkin spice for one night and try this delicious dessert. Make this recipe instead:

Roasted Apple Compote with Figs served with sour cream — it simply screams fall.

This recipe is a delicious, easy, and an interesting way to serve up the fall superstar: the apple. Apples are combined with fresh figs and roasted into a sweet compote that tastes and smells like a perfect fall day says special contributor Valerie Rice. The best part about this recipe is that it is perfect for a sweet after dinner treat, but you can also use the compote on your morning oatmeal. The recipe calls for the compote to be served with sour cream — you can also use it to top ice cream, fudge brownies, or even cake.

How have you not made this delicious dessert recipe before?