Top Rated Grouper Recipes

Blackened Redfish with Maître d'Hôtel Butter
Blackening fish is an easy method of cooking them in a seasoned skillet to produce a dark-brown exterior and a wonderfully moist interior. Although the blackened fish may look slightly burned, if cooked properly it will taste heavenly. While the use of a cast-iron skillet is preferred, a sauté pan also can be used with good results.This recipe was originally published in "Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook," and is used with permission. 
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Scroggins is an accomplished fisherman, but he’s also known as a great cook. “Grilling grouper filets and topping them with crab is one of my absolute favorite seafood dishes to make,” says Scroggins. “It will impress your dinner guests and it’s so easy to do.”This recipe is courtesy of Pro Angler and Team Toyota athlete Terry Scroggins
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If you're craving couscous and want a new spin on your go-to recipe, try this Tunisian one that incorporates fish. You won't be disappointed.This recipe is courtesy of Ricardo Cuisine and was inspired by the fish couscous at the restaurant Dar Belhadj in Tunis.
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