Grilled Hearts of Palm
I absolutely love hearts of palm — straight out of the jar, sliced up in salads, or grilled with a little cheese on top. I first fell in love with them during a trip to Rio a few years ago. I ordered a hearts of palm salad, and when the dish arrived, it was just eight gigantic spears spread on a plate with a piece of lettuce in the center and an aioli-like dipping sauce on top of it. It was one of the best things I ate on my trip.  This recipe is super easy and can be made with either feta or ricotta cheese (or that can be left out all together). Either serve it as is or slice up the grilled pieces and toss in a salad for a little extra kick and flavor.  Fun Fact: Did you know that the cabbage palm tree is Florida's official state tree? (The edible inner part of the tree's stem is where hearts of palm come from).  Click here to see 8 Cook-Out Side Dishes. Click here to see A Vegetarian Grilling Menu.
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