Top Rated Grilled Artichoke Recipes

Root Vegetable Salad
Chef Ryan Dodge and the LifeCafe team of nutritionists took the hard work out of eating well by creating a menu that takes real, wholesome ingredients like this delicious roasted root vegetable salad.
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Grilled Artichokes
My goodness, this recipe is delicious! It’s ridiculously simple, and most surely worth cooking several days in a row. It’s time to use your grill for more than burgers. Say hello to some tasty healthy grilled artichokes!The artichokes are steamed first, so that they are nice and tender, then put on the grill to get a touch of smoke flavor and some charred grill lines. The cavities are filled with butter and lemon, which permeates throughout the artichoke petals so that each bite is perfectly "dipped" in lemon butter. Awesome.
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Grilled Artichokes with White Wine Butter
Big, fat, stuffed artichokes, beer-battered artichokes, and Ball jars stacked to the brim with baby marinated artichokes are what you'll find in my kitchen on a regular basis. Since we're trying to think lean during this no-holds-barred holiday season, I thought it might be nice to lessen the load and grill them this time around.  Slathered in a blend of garlic, shallot, and butter, sprinkled with grainy sea salt, and lightly grilled — these artichokes won't taste light at all! Click here to see Simple Ingredients Made Spectacular. 
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