The Psy Sour
Look for Korean ginseng drink with honey in Korean markets. It usually comes in small clear bottles; the most popular brand is Royal King. If you cannot find it, honey syrup (right) is a good substitute. Yuja, an Asian citron fruit, is called yuzu in Japanese and is available at Japanese markets. Lemon juice will do in a pinch. We serve ours with a ginseng candy and a traditional Hwatu playing card. Excerpted from KOREAN FOOD MADE SIMPLE © 2016 by Judy Joo. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.
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This plant tuber found in East Asia helps with the production of serotonin, which is often low in people with depression. Read more about 12 Teas That Boost Your Mood.
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Hot Toddy
Finally, a hot toddy recipe that isn’t filled with unnecessary calories! Though this recipe calls for honey-infused bourbon, it also calls for honey green tea, creating the perfect balance.This recipe is courtesy of Shape.
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Magical Chicken Ginseng Soup
This medicinal soup can give you an energizing lift and immunity boost. Ginseng has numerous health benefits and this soup is known as “Korean penicillin.” Whenever I am feeling under the weather, I make this soup and feel warm and cozy in no time. If using the dried ginseng root, there is no need for the tea and vice versa, but I have made this using both the tea granules and the roots and it is truly lovely. — Judy Joo, host of Cooking Channel’s new series Korean Food Made Simple Click Here to See More Chicken Soup Recipes  
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