Top Rated Fry Bread Recipes

Chicken parm is a truly genius creation. The gooey mozzarella cheese melted over savory marinara sauce and crisp, breaded chicken cutlet is one of our most favored pseudo-Italian dishes there is. We decided to add a little more crunch, though, and serve that classic dish over a bed of fries. Click  here to see 15 Over-the-Top Fry Recipes Click here to see 101 Ways to Cook Chicken
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Recipe adapted from samromaniManriklo is a pan-fried bread traditionally cooked over ashes, though you can use a pan or cast-iron skillet. Hancock likens it to Native American “frybread” and Indian naan. Every Romani clan and sub-community has a version this pan-friend bread: to say that bread is a staple would be an understatement. Bread has an importance in Romani culture tantamount to holiness — there’s rarely a meal without it. In We are the Romani people, Dr. Ian Hancock reveals that bread should never be thrown away, and if you drop the bread, well then you best apologize to it. Many Roma will kiss their bread before eating it. Bread is serious.The Manriklo recipe is usually basic because it’s meant to be a pallet for the baker’s creativity. I like the combination of bacon, rosemary, and dill, which pairs well with the “Gypsy Celebration Soup.” I like the bread with grated and melted Gruyère on top, but you could even mix the Gruyère in with the dough. Bread is everything.Read How to Eat Like a Real Gypsy here 
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Prawns on Toast (Toast Skagen)
Created by popular Swedish restaurateur Tore Wretman just after World War II, the dish is actually named for a fishing port in neighboring Denmark. Interestingly, the most important factor in the preparation of the dish, to Swedes, is the fact that the prawns are shelled by hand. They generally don't care about the prawns being fresh or frozen, as long as this step occurs.This recipe is courtesy of
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