Top Rated Fried Potato Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Poutine
This recipe is courtesy of chef David Malbequi of David's CafeChef David Malbequi starts off with a plate of French fries and piles on crispy chicken thighs, homemade Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and mozzarella chicken gravy before topping off the dish with crispy shallots and chives. Also pictured is a special Super Bowl cocktail crafted by beverage consultant Rael Petit, the "Hail Mary" — a traditional Bloody Mary made untraditional with cilantro-and-red-pepper-infused Dolin Blanc in a BBQ-sauced-and-salted rim garnished with a lemon wheel, cilantro sprig, and a smoked chicken wing. Diners can enjoy both of these special offerings at David's Cafe this weekend!
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Smashed and Fried Potatoes
If you've never had potatoes this way before, you've been missing out. This delicious side dish of potatoes served with a flavorful garlic aioli is a popular menu item at Wild Olive in Charleston, S.C.
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Few can resist the salty crunch of a McDonald's fry, and what's better than enjoying them alongside a Big Mac? Having them on your Thanksgiving plate. This recipe gives a Thanksgiving classic — mashed potatoes — a face-lift with the notorious fried potato from the fast-food chain. 
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Make frozen fries better wit hthe addtion of a few simple ingredients. 
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