Top Rated Fried Plantain Recipes

Like Brazil itself, our Bloody Paulistano is at once rustic and modern, with traditional notes of tomato and horseradish mingling with tropical açaí, a fried plantain garnish and, naturally, cachaça.  One sip of this effortlessly breezy cocktail will transport you below the equator, whether you’re here in Brazil or half a world away.
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Yellowtail Ceviche
Try this delicious and easy yellowtail ceviche. In the restaurant, we serve this with a vinaigrette called "Mambo #3." One taste of this zesty, spicy concoction, and you'll know why. Knock the party guests' socks off with this appetizer. See all appetizer recipes. Click here to see 15 Easy Fish Recipes for Summer.
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Fondly known in our ‘test bar’ as a Bloody Pirate, this rum-based Mary starts with Bacardi Gold and gets progressively more tropical from there: Puerto Rican-style sofrito lends body and heat to the tomato juice, while sweet-and-salty garnishes of fried plantain and chicharrones add crunch and heft to what is truly ‘a breakfast in a glass’.
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