Top Rated Flauta Recipes

Indulge in this Mexican classic meal, which features chicken, pico de gallo, and fresh guacamole. Recipe courtesy of Sombrero Mexican Food Click here to see 10 Amazing Chicken and Avocado Recipes
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Cheesy Chicken Flautas
Recipe Courtesy of CHI-CHI'S®“Flauta” is Spanish for “flute,” but these little rolled tacos are more commonly known in the U.S. as taquitos. Taquitos are usually purchased frozen, in industrial-sized packages from Costco or Sam’s Club, but making them yourself takes no time, and results in a much more satisfying flauta.
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Chico's Tacos Flautas Recipe
It was more than a decade ago that I fell in love with the flautas at Chico's Tacos in El Paso, Texas. That visit started a craving that was finally, finally sated, in New York City no less. Chico's Tacos were brought back from Texas, special delivery, packaged in Tupperware that was more expensive than the actual tacos, frozen until I could get to them, and finally reconstituted (Thanks, Mom). Eating Chico's Tacos once again did two things. First, it made the need to be able to eat them more consistently a necessity. Second, tasting the original rendition reestablished the flavor profile required to be able to do that. Crispy fried taquitos, covered in thinly shredded cheese, and drenched in red watery sauce — dripping, crunchy, melted cheese-drink-the-sauce flautas goodness. Creating a recipe for a renowned dish is tricky. You can theorize, you can do trial and error, or you can do what was done here: Look to see what's out there already. There's no official site for Chico's Tacos and, as far as anyone can seem to tell, no officlal recipe out there for how to best make these signature tacos. The two most prominent recipes out there are by The Stanton Magazine and Mexican American Border Cooking. They provide some really insightful guidance on different possible approaches to a successful dish. This recipe uses a home fryer and fresh ingredients for all components for a rendition that looks and tastes pretty close to the original. Oh, and don't forget the toothpicks. You need them to keep the taquitos closed when frying them. (If anyone knows a better way, please chime in.)  
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These cheesy flautas are a fun and easy appetizer to make, and are completely meat-free for vegetarians. If you're planning ahead, you can make these a day or two in advance, then re-crisp them in the oven before serving. — Allison Beck Click here to see A Vegetarian Super Bowl Party.
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Vegan Tomatillo Taquitos
All the crunch, stuffed with cheese and potatoes and topped with tangy tomatillos — you’ll want this morning, noon, and night! Who says you can’t have "tacos" for every meal? So much fun for the whole family!See all taquito recipes.Click here to see Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo.
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