Pasta Salad with Roasted Artichokes, Basil, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella
Simple. Delicious. Inexpensive. Pasta salad is the quintessential summer dish. The mozzarella in this salad adds a light saltiness, and the grape tomatoes offer juicy bursts of flavor. For those watching their carbs, you can slash the pasta and double up on the veggies. All of the healthy ingredients will keep your belly happy — and your wallet fat. Need to feed a house full of hungry teens? Double this recipe and you’ll have enough to feed an army. Click here to see 9 Amazing Artichoke Recipes.
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This recipe was inspired by an hors d'oeuvre recipe I tried a few weeks back, where the filling for lettuce wraps was a crushed pea and cheese mixture. I love the filling wrapped in lettuce, but I liked it more served tossed with pasta. I've added my own variations to it, and I like to toss in some seasonal vegetables or shredded chicken to round out the dish.  Click here to see Eat Your Legumes — They're Good for You.
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Cherry Tomatoes
Originally, the recipe was conceived to use up some slow-cooker pork shoulder leftovers, but its simplicity and bright colors had me thinking about boring old pasta in a new way. Come to think of it, you could use leftover roast chicken too, but the tomatoes and radicchio go nicely with the tender pork. Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Pasta Dishes.
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Insalata di Italia
Not to be a bit boasty or anything, but when cooking, there are a whole lot of fantastic Italian ingredients. Rich cheeses, salty, cured meats, oily olives — are you salivating yet? — are ideal and will always make a great spread as a starter or a dream base for a killer recipe.  Such is the story of this pasta salad — a food lover's dream. Try not to eat more than one dish, let's see how you do.  See all salad recipes. Click here to see Pasta Salad, Please.
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Whole-Wheat Farfalle with Porcini Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Peas
This vegetarian pasta dish has a blend of delicate flavors. Sweet fresh peas combine with savory elements of porcini mushroom and tender, grilled asparagus to make a harmonious dressing for whole-wheat pasta, and a hint of acidity from lemon, and a bit of saltiness from freshly grated pecorino romano round out the dish — all to keep you thinking about the next bite. Good quality extra-virgin olive oil at the very end seals in the flavors.
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