Top Rated Enchiladas Verdes Recipes

Angie's Enchiladas Verdes
These enchiladas are addictive. You can straight up eat the filling by itself if there's too much left over (I have). But I can't claim credit for the recipe. It's my girlfriend's, adapted from a family recipe and gleaned from years of growing up in San Antonio. She says there are four central things that will make your enchiladas a success: using thigh meat, fresh ground cumin, frying and dousing the tortillas in tomatillo salsa before rolling them up, and lastly, having the right accoutrements. Don't mess with her accoutrements, man: thinly-sliced radishes, lime wedges, pickled jalapeño, cilantro, and Mexican cheese. Refried beans and guacamole make a nice added touch, but if you're just trying to get the essentials right, well then, here you go.
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