Top Rated Edamame Recipes

Edamame Soup With Shiitake, Ham, and Spinach
Looking for something a little different? Rejuvenate your split pea soup with edamame, a flavorful Asian bean that gives a little twist to the classic green soup.
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quinoa salad
Blakely Trettenero, host of the Cooking for Bimbos and Hungry for Travels websites, is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orland. She also is a world traveler, having visited more than 30 countries, and is becoming a frequent guest on TV.
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Edamame Burger
A protein-packed vegetarian burger that isn’t made of black beans: It’s got to be a winner.This recipe is courtesy of Epicurious.
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In the English tradition, a cook uses leftover beef or lamb from last night's roast to make this hearty casserole. For the most basic shepherd's pie, you sauté some fresh vegetables, add in meat taken off the bone, and then add any jus or gravy to thicken up the filling and make it a little saucy. You put this filling into an oven-safe casserole dish, top it off with mashed potatoes, dot with butter, and bake until the topping gets a nice roasted brown hue. What you don't know about shepherd's pie is that it is the perfect dish in which to use those Thanksgiving leftovers because there is no set recipe. Your shepherd's pie is based on what's available in the fridge the morning after Turkey Day. Personally, I like to go with very traditional flavors on Thanksgiving, and then go a little cross-cultural with the leftovers. So here is an Asian-inspired take on Shepherd's pie.
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The Best Asian Coleslaw
This recipe is for haters and lovers of coleslaw alike. Full of wonderful textures and great umami flavor, it is impossible to only have one serving of this moreish dish. It is extremely easy to make — you can even use pre shredded cabbage and carrot and have this slaw ready to eat in record time.Click here to see more Hearty and Delicious Salad Recipes to Make for Dinner. 
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Asian Noodle Salad
Fresh vegetables, soba noodles, and a spicy peanut dressing are layered up in a mason jar, for the perfect healthy, wholesome lunch to take with you to work.This recipe is courtesy of Foxes Love Lemons.
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