Pumpkin Pie Éclair
Fall is here with the new Pumpkin Éclair at Pomme Palais, inside the The New York Palace. Pastry chef David Carmichael is committed to only using fresh pumpkin purée, specifically the variety known as cheese pumpkin. He finds the flavor and color to be the richest of all the pumpkins. Equally as important is avoiding over-spicing the treat, completely masking the pumpkin flavor. Stop in for a bite! Click Here to See More Dessert Recipes
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Johnny Iuzzini's Coffee Cardamom Éclairs
Johnny Iuzzini takes éclairs to the next level by filling them with a scratch-made coffee cardamom pastry cream and topping them with a dark chocolate glaze. Click here for more of our best éclair recipes.
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If you’re one of those moms who sends their kids to school on their birthday with a box of store-bought cupcakes, those days are over. With a recipe that is as easy as Honey Maid’s Easy Chocolate Éclair Squares, you can kiss the days of store-bought sadness goodbye. Both cost-efficient and super simple to make, kids will be licking their fingers on their way to grabbing seconds.
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