Top Rated Dosa Recipes

The rava dosa is nothing but a delectable, crispy and easy to make counter part of the traditional dosa. The rava dosa is usually prepared with fine semolina, rice flour, and all purpose flour. Since the batter doesn't need any fermentation, these crepes can be prepared almost instantly. The addition of onions, chilies and coriander, increases the flavor quotient of the crepes and makes them quite irresistible.
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Neer Dosa
Who can resist the neer dosa? The neer dosa is everybody's favorite. Neer dosa derived its name from the term "neeru" which means "water" in the local languages of Mangalore, namely Kannada and Tulu. The watery consistency of the batter is what's behind the name. It's the neer dosa's simplicity and ease of preparation that has reigned supreme in every Mangalorean house and has gained a lot of popularity outside Mangalore, too. They are eaten for breakfast along with chutney or gravies; some like to enjoy it with leftover curries or a side dish of vegetables. These dosas are so versatile that they can be also introduced during meal times as an accompaniment to meat/fish dishes. See all crepe recipes.
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